SOLD/EXPIRED WTS: Firearms/Magazines (AK)


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Oct 10, 2009
Dayton, Wyoming
Two like new Beretta 8000 Cougar 9MM 15 round magazines. Will fit the Stoeger Cougar also. I will sell both for $55, which includes shipping.

Sig 556 Classic .223 rifle new in the box with collapsible and folding Sig A-Frame buttstock and Sig 550 style forearm. Comes with hardcase and all paperwork. Also comes with a Sig Red Dot sight, Sig Rotary Diopter rear sight, two Sig hooded front sights, one Sig 30 round magazine, two Magpul 30 round magazines, bayonet lug installed and bayonet, MFI 3-Point Tactical sling and cleaning kit. Over $2200 invested but will sell for $1850, which includes shipping to your FFL.


Ruger M77 MK II .338 WM stainless action custom built by a gunsmith in Nome, Alaska. The 24 inch H-S Precision Ten-X stainless barrel is fluted and has an integral muzzle break. A Timney trigger has been installed. The stock is a McMillan HGT General Purpose Hunting stock (M40A1 Marine Corps style) Forest Camo pattern with textured forearm and grip. The stock has been glass bedded with Marine Tex and pillar bedding. Also added to the stock are a Pachmayr Decelerator pad and Edwards Mercury Recoil Reducer. All metal is covered with Brownell’s Teflon-Moly baked-on paint that is worn is spots from hunting. Comes with standard Ruger rings, low Warne Quick-Release rings, Booniepacker Sling and Uncle Mike’s nylon buttstock shellholder. Fired approximately 200 times and is a tack driver with little kick. Cost approximately $2400 to build but I will sell it for $1500, which includes shipping to your FFL.


Shiloh Sharps 1874 Harford Model in .45-90 WCF that is new in the box. It has a 30 inch heavy octagon barrel with a Hartford Collar, buckhorn rear sight and blade front sight. All the metal is light antique bone charcoal finish with the traditional checkered metal buttplate. There are brass escutcheons, an ebony pistol grip, a pewter tip and double-set triggers installed. The wood is presentation grade American Black Walnut with the AAA finish and the pores filled. In addition it comes with a Lee Shaver level in the rear sight slot, a plug screw in the rear sight screw hole, an Axtell #4A Short Hunters tang sight, Axtell 16As/L front sight with inserts, a Lee Shaver Hadley eyecup, a MVA #111 globe front sight with inserts in an Insert Caddy, a Merit #3 rear sight disk, an Axtell #36SB Beech Combination sight, leather sight socks, hardcase and paperwork. Well over $4700 invested in the rifle but will sell for $4000, which includes shipping to your FFL.


Ballard 1875 Model #5 Pacific Rifle in .45-90 WCF built by Steve Garbe at the factory in Cody, WY. It has a 28 inch heavy octagon barrel with wiping rod. All metal is bone charcoal finish with the traditional checkered metal buttplate. The wood is fancy English walnut with a black walnut finish, just like the original Ballard rifles were built. In addition there is an ebony insert forming a knob on the end of the Pacific lever, no rear sight dovetail, globe front sight, with inserts, that matches the wiping rod thimbles, two extra firing pins, one extra stock bolt screw, a #107 MVA Ballard Long Range sight with extra eyecups, an Axtell #39 Short Hunters tang sight, a Lee Shaver Hadley eyecup, a custom built Merit #3 rear sight disk and hardcase. The rifle is no longer made. There are a few small handling marks. I will sell for $4000, which includes shipping to your FFL.


Ed Brown 1911 Kobra 45 ACP Commander, Model KC-SS-A, in matte stainless with Ed Brown soft case, one Ed Brown seven round mag and four Ed Brown eight round mags. It has night sights and paperwork from Ed Brown. Fired less than 200 times and includes a new hip holster. Has one mark near the takedown lever. Current price is $2520, which does not include shipping or dealer markup, and the four extra mags are $35 each. I will sell if for $1850, which includes shipping to your FFL.


PM with questions or more photos. No trades. Thanks for looking.