For Sale WTS Christensen Arms Carbon Stock

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    Oct 23, 2010
    For Sale is a new take off CA Carbon stock in black with grey webbing for a Rem 700 short action for hinged floor plate. below are the specs.

    Price is $300.00 Shipped. No trades!

    Each carbon fiber composite Sporter stock is made from our lightweight blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass.

    Short Action
    Weighs just 2 Lbs. 1 ounce
    Length of pull 13.5″
    Barrel channel is 1.28″ taper with 1.15″ at the muzzle end
    Invar alloy pillars
    Single front sling stud & single rear stud
    Made for Remington 700 actions or clones
    Limb saver recoil pad
    2018-11-06 16.27.25.jpg 2018-11-06 16.27.37.jpg 2018-11-06 16.27.48.jpg
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