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SOLD/EXPIRED WTS Brux Barrel and Rem 700 Action


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Feb 13, 2009
I changed my mind on a build so I am selling a few things that I have.

Remington LA Stainless Action
-Bottom Metal
-follower, mag box and srping

PTG one piece bolt
-Magnum BF
-threaded bolt handle
-M16 extractor
-Fluted steel firing pin w/black aluminum shroud
-PTG .2" Recoil Lug
-PTG round knob
-Extractor kit and ejector kit included

Brux Stainless interrupted Fluted Barrel
-338 cal
-31" long will finish at 30"
-.790" at the muzzle (contour is in between a standard and light palma) It is an awesome contour and will balance very well
-Twist is 1-9.3" (will stabilize anything with ease)

Let me know if you have any questions or if I left out any details.

I am looking to $1400 shipped. This is what I have in the set up.





I also have a #6 straight fluted brux 7mm 1-9" that I would sell instead of the 338 if anyone is interested
Its 29" and will finish at 28
I have it posted in a few different locations and I have had a million people interested.

Let me see it I can sell it as a package first