SOLD/EXPIRED WTS 204 reloading supplies


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Aug 2, 2011
I recently got rid of my 204 so i no longer need the reloading stuff. I have a lnib 3 piece RCBS die set/ neck die was never used by me, and only used the FL and Seater die for 50 rounds. I have 302 once fired hornady brass and 21 twice fired hornady brass and all but 53rds still in hornady boxes. I have 66 40gr v-max bullets and a full opened box of 100 26gr barnes varmint grenades.

I would like to have $120 shipped to you door in conus, i want to keep it together but if it dont sell soon i can bust it up in the lots below.

Hornady brass: new is around $.50 each i want $.20 each, $60 + shipping.

Bullets: new are $20 a box/ will do $25 + shipping.

Dies: FL and Seater are $35 and neck die is around $25 new/ will take $40 + shipping.