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SOLD/EXPIRED WTB Winchester Model 70 Heavy Varmint in .308

no cigar

Dec 7, 2009
Looking for something in reasonably good shape with low round count. Doesn't need scope or bipods etc... Black 26" BBL etc..

In TX, wanting to pay around $650.
I have one of those. I'm thinking from around 99. It's a great shooter after a $30 trigger job. Kudos on the search for a nice rifle.

Good Luck

I bought mine in 98. Wouldn't give it up for the life of me. I think if you look back about 1 or 2 weeks there was one for sale on here.
Personally i would go with a Stealth and not the stealth ll. The stealth ll is when things started going south in QC at Winchester.
I have a Model 70 HBV in .308 I'd like to sell. 26" satin stainless barrel. It's a sub .5MOA shooter with my handloads. I'm in Austin.

Hey guys I'm still looking. Got out of the game for a while but looking for a Stealth in 308 if any of you guys know of one.

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