SOLD/EXPIRED WTB Single shot Manners or McMillan

Erik Kiser

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Nov 8, 2005
Shreveport, LA
I know its a long shot but I figured I'd take a stab at it. I'm getting ready to buy either a Manners T2 or T4 or McMillan A3 or A5 this week and wanted to see if there are any out there lurking in a closet. Would love to have one single shot without any magazine cutout but probably gonna have to settle for the BDL bottom and I like non adjustable. Prefer the Manners stock purely on aesthetics because I know they're both good stocks but will pull the trigger on a McMillan if the right one pops up. Thanks guys, Erik

Rifle is a Rem 700 LA with a Bartlein light varmint barrel, guess that would be similar to an MTU contour as far as inletting goes