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  • Ryan, the TT525P is nice. My stainless steel picatinny rail should arrive Monday. Eager to get it mounted. What do you have for one piece mounts? Been looking at Spuhr SP- 4001 or the LaRue Lt 111. Thanks Don
    Ryan, scope was received in good condition. Thanks for the prompt shipping.
    No problem at all. Glad to hear it arrived safely. Thank you for your time and business.
    Ryan. Hello first of all. Your name is used a lot with this 28 nosler. I just put one together last night and used rl33. It’s dirty. I’ve read on here you went to n570. Is that the most up to date powder your using? I’m shooting the 195 burgers. And if you don’t mind sharing your recipe. I did good this morning.
    Saw you post about a lot of manners eh1s you have coming in soon. Do you have any eh2s coming in that order in a LA? If so what? Thanks
    Thanks for offering your experience. Fortunately for me I have experience with them on 2 builds already and am 100% pleased. I wonder if the guy that sent you the rifle actually had them do a full build. They do barrel jobs for people without mounting it to the stock, but they don't like doing that, and probably for the reason you mentioned. Just one thought. Or if you said you found the chamber cut .006" off axis there'd be no arguing that Regardless, they are local to me and I have only good things to say.
    It seems you have a bunch of 2X nosler builds under your belt that people are happy with. I would have had no problem using you. But Like I said, these guys are local to me and have done great work for me in the past.
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