SOLD/EXPIRED WTB Savage/Stevens barrel


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Nov 24, 2009
Would like to buy savage stevens .243 and either a .223 or 22-250. Thanks.
Hello I have a stevens 200 243 barrel you can have for $55 shipped to you.
Have one in .223 (22" sporter contour) with a round count of under 50. Perfect matte blue finish. Can take pictures of it tomorrow if you want. Waiting on a barrel nut wrench so I can remove it from the action which may be a few days. Let me know
i have a douglas heavy barrel in .243 win ready to mount on a stevens or savage action for 200.00 shipped. great barrel,very accurate,i just switched to a .30 cal and don't need it anymore.
I just took off a Stainless .243 from a weather warrior.
Rifle had 10 rd shot through it.
22" sporter small shank
I have seen them for $125 at northland
so I am thinking $90


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