SOLD/EXPIRED WTB REM. 700 Sendero Takeoff barrel


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Jun 22, 2010
I am interested in buying a new Rem. 700 sender takeoff. I would be looking for a SS 26" in 264 Win, 7mm Rem, 300 Win, 7mm Ultra, 300 ultra, or 338 ultra. please let me know what you have.
Brian in Idaho
I replyed to your post on the other site.I have one that came on a barreled action, not sure of rnd cnt but was told not many.It is a 7RUM and I can do $50 shipped.Bobby
have a 7mm ultra mag stainless fluted. 200.00 bucks and about 20.00 bucks shipping it is yours
Thanks for the offer Mr.Swift. But just a little to steep for me.
Does anyone have 7mm RUM brass for sale.
if you haven't found what you are looking for, what is this barrel worth to you . clearly I paid to much for a take-off barrel. the project it was purchased for is going to get a new barrel. let me know it is just standing in a closet.
I have a sender sf ss .300 rum barrel that i would sell. the guy told me that he had less then 300 rounds through it never heated and that was a big fair number he said he was thinking it was less then that.. he also said that it shot around 1/2 moa. and it is treaded for a muzzle break(he used a visa).

pm with a offer if your interesed