SOLD/EXPIRED Wtb nf nsx mlr or npr1 zs & hs


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Mar 2, 2011
Hello I had to sell my last nightforce because times were rough and now I have some extra cash so I would like to get a NF NSX 3.5-15x50. The Reticle has to be MLR or NP-R1 with zero stop and preferably high speed turrets and .1 mil. It must have the original sunshade. I have about 1400 to spend on the scope and am not looking for one for more. It can be used but cannot be abused or have any marks on it other than ring marks. If anyone has a nightforce or knows someone that has a nightforce that fits this description could you please message me on here or you can reach me at [email protected]. Just ask for Blake, Thank you.
I've got a nightforce nxs 3.5-15x50 it has zero stop. If u have a cell phone I'll message you some pics.
got three replies but I need either a 3.5-15x50 or a 5.5-22x50 with Zero stop and preferably HS turrets. MLR or npr1 of course. bump!
I'm about to list a 5.5-22x50 npr1 with HS and ZS. New in the box, never mounted. I'll ship it to you for $1825. It will be posted here and on SH tomorrow. Thanks

Pm sent. Im looking for either or but the price has to be right. I got offered one yesterday for 1500 and it had all the options with the box and everything for 1500. It had a ding in it though but it still looked mint because it was on the underside of the scope. Still looking!
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