SOLD/EXPIRED WTB: looking for 300 Win Mag possibly Savage 111 Long Range Hunter


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Feb 7, 2015
Hey everyone ,

I am looking for a new rifle for Elk season this year . I would like a 300 Win Mag , I have been looking into a Savage Long Range Hunter edition I have read good things about them for a factory rifle under 1000.00 . However I am open to a Rem 700 or a Savage I would like something with a medium heavy barrel with a brake. I would like a decently lite rifle as I will be packing the gun around but I would like the accuracy out to 6-800 yds . If someone has a rifle that they would like to sell that is somewhere around the 1000.00 price point and has the options I am looking for please get ahold of me . I understand that there are many different options out there for rifles and I do not need nor am I able to spend the money for a high end rifle , I'm open to opinions and suggestions I also have kicked around the idea of buying a factory rifle and having a barrel and break put on it however I would like to get the rifle in the next couple months so I have time to get some rounds down range and develope a good load for it out to 6-800 yds incase that need arises.


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Nov 16, 2013
For the price I would lean towards the Remington 700 long range. I was in the same boat but couldn't find a long range, so I was impatient and bought a sps instead. A week later at the local cabelas there stands the rifle I wanted.... oops lol. Oh well I'm happy with how the sps in 300 WIN MAG shoots. The rem is cheaper then the Savage and the muzzle break on the Savage is a good idea but there are better designs in my opinion. Buy the rem put in a better trigger and muzzle break and you'll have a better stock and trigger for maybe less money. The Savage is nice to just not impressed with the accustock for the price increase over the regular 11/111.


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