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SOLD/EXPIRED WTB Kwik Klip Magazine


Well-Known Member
May 21, 2008
Vancouver Wa
I am looking for a Magazine that fits the Kwik Klip magazine conversion kit for the Remington 700. I just want to have a spare in case I lose mine. Maybe someone has one in their box-o-stuff.
As far as I know they only made them for long action. I have been wrong before and probably will be again in the future. Thanks for looking and let me know what you find.
I am sorry... I couldn't find the kwikklip & couldn't remember where the thread was...
If I do find it, I'll be sure to let you know... gonna bookmark this page...
thanks, Larry
Mainly because of the total price if I did. Around $43 for the magazine after shipping. I checked out Cabelas when I first posted. I was hoping someone might have had one that they didn't have a gun it fit.
I just figured that since you've been looking for a year, you would have found $43 bucks by now.

Which one are you wanting the four or the ten round?
4 round. It is not a must have item or else I would have already bought one. As stated in the original post, I am looking to have a spare/extra magazine.