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SOLD/EXPIRED WTB AI / Badger Mags for short action


Well-Known Member
Feb 11, 2008
Sacramento, CA
Looking for AI (accuracy international) or Badger magazines, 5 or 10 rounds, for my Badger M5 DBM system.

New or used, must be functional. :rolleyes:

Where can I find the best deal? gun)

Does anyone have some used mags lying around? Let's make a deal!:D
I have two 10 round in great condition.

$75 shipped/each.
I got one 10 round from Matrxx, the other was already sold. Thanks!

Still looking for 1 10 round and 1 5 round mag, if anyone has an extra, just let me know.
C-Products is starting to ship them. Check them out...good pricing too.