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SOLD/EXPIRED Wtb a Savage/Stevens 200 Action in 300 win mag.


New Member
Oct 23, 2012
Looking for a Savage/Stevens 200 long bolt action in 300 win mag.dont know where to find one any info will help!
Most of the time I just buy a cheap complete rifle, strip it down, sell of the parts I don't want and keep the action or whatever. You can also get a 7mag or any belted magnum and be fine. Anyhow that's how I do it. You can get a new Stevens for around 300 and the get maybe 100 back by selling the barrel and stock. Then you have about 200 in an action! I've got a 300wm savage that I'd part with, but I'd be around $450. I could probably remove some stuff and get lower. Message me if you like. Good luck and thanks. Oh check your local pawn shops.