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    Nov 30, 2013
    Hello Folks,
    I joined this forum to find out more information about the PSE TAC 15 and TAC 15i. I am doing my due diligence by researching different crossbows before I make my purchase. I looked at the Scorpyd Velocity, actually it was a Ventilator. But for 1500.00+ dollars I expect the fit and finish to be better. As well as a automatic safety, not something I have to put on every time I cock the crossbow. That's just an accident waiting to happen in my opinion. Which brought me to the PSE TAC 15 or TAC 15i. But after everything I have been reading on this forum I am thinking I should make the safe decision. I am thinking of just buying a CAMX Chaos 325, and let PSE and Scorpyd work out their problems for a year or two, then purchase a faster crossbow. At least that way I can still hunt, without the worry for the crossbow blowing up on me or limbs cracking or any other of a multitude of problems. I DEARLY HOPE that someone from PSE and Scorpyd are watching this forum. Or at least a dealer is watching. Because I am certainly not the only person who has been thinking of a new crossbow for Christmas.

    Sorry about the rant, just kind of disgusted with the way these crossbow companies want to use their customers as their guinea pigs. And then they expect those same guinea pigs to buy more of their products. Do we knowingly build a bridge for thousands of people to use and only do half the engineering on it? just a thought.

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