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May 4, 2002
Has anybody been trying out loads for the line of Winchester Short Magnums? I have the "New rifle itch" again, and I am thinking of trying the 7 WSM, as I have a 300 win. and a 270 Win. already. US Repeating arms are not making what I would consider a Long Range Model for any of the WSM cartridges, so It looks like a rifle build-up. Thank you for any suggestions.

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Will let you know after this weekend. Just build a new 1000 heavy gun in 300 wsm. going to work loads up this week and shoot in VA state championship Sat and Sun. Couple other guys doing real well with 300 WSM. 7mm WSM seems to be good. Guys necking down to 6.5 WSM are getting 400 rd barrel life. They are trying shorting case by .200 now.
Well, sounds like the 270 WSM is out! I,ve only shot at one 1,000 yd match at Missoula in '98. My old shooting buddy is still at it in the 16.5 class, and says that some people are using the 300 WSM and having good results. I am anxious to here your results. I know that this should be in a different forum, but I don't know how to change it.
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