Winchester 70 .264 Win Mag.

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    Jan 6, 2011
    I just ordered new stock for Winchester 70 XTR .264 Win Mag HS precision Sporter Stock. Was woundering if I should have it Cerakote it is blue steel & does anybody know some one around Dubuque IA ?
    Question 2 does anybody use control mounts What do you think of them ?
    This is going to be a Walking Rifle since I walk about 8+ miles a day out west, looking at Leupolds 3.5x10 40mm CDS with Windage Dial added or 2.5x8 36mm with CDS dial & Windage dial.
    I have no plans on shooting beyond 700 YDS.
    Just FYI all its had done to it so far is trigger lighten & I have made one 500+ YD shot on Antelope. In wood stock at 300yds it shoots under 3 inch group with reloads I hope this improves with new stock. .264 Win Mag.jpg