Wildcat bullets????????


Aug 18, 2009
I am asking for any help in how to get ahold of whoever is currently running wildcat bullets. I understand that they have been bought and sold, but whoever bought them needs some direction in marketing / business. They bought the rights to a great product and for whatever reason have made gettting ahold of it extremely difficult. I am down to my last 100 or so bullets and would love to continue using them, but availability is a huge issue. The website that I am directed to continues to talk about being available soon. Any information would be great. Thanks in advance, CC
Don't know what is up with Paul, I have sent him a couple of E-mails over the last two to three weeks and got no reply. Previously he has been fairly quick to respond to E-mails.
Maybe he off hunting some where, it is that time of the year, and the Rut gets to all of us.
Hope all is well with him.

I apologize... sickness, injury, hunting season, equipment issues, along with too many other irons in the fire. One thing after another it seems. We are filling orders slowly. We are taking steps to speed things up but it's taking more time than planned.

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