Wild Rangefinder ? and others

Sam In Va

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Dec 14, 2002
Central Va.
After my outing the other day, I see that one of the WEAK links in my set-up is my rangefinder. I have a laser rangefinder that reads out to 800 yards, but not off of small stuff at long ranges like clumps of Johnson grass.
Does a Wild Rangefinder read in yards or meters? Any can you guys give me some info and suggestions about them.
Also has anyone used or heard of a Canadian military model rangefinder called a Lath or Lathe Model CDN MK1 any pro's & cons?
I'm considering something like this , but I'd like to find a unit that may be a little smaller, but just a accurate as the Wild. I take enough crap with me now....
But if the bigger ones are better and more reliable I'd go that route. Thanks, Sam in Va.

The wild ranges in meters and i think the canadian would too, this can be a pia, so i went with a barr and stroud, these read in yards, if you can find them they will cost about the same as a wild, the bad thing is that they are very heavy, and need a good sturdy tripod, but are very accurate, after playing around with them for a while you should be able to come very close +-0-10yds of your laser.
Sam in Va,
I have a Wild rangefinder yes they do read
in meter's not yards and I believe that the
rangefinder and the tripod's that come with
them weigh about 29lbs. but they are an
awesome unit ,the optics are surprisingly
good and you can actually range the animal
or any other object you wish from 300 meters
to 30,000 meters ,the only small problem's
with this unit is at certain ranges it can
be somewhat vague and it is heavy. But if
you are ranging to 2000 meters only the
military (current) has anything that works
better than one of these. the Swiss made
them right
I like my Wild but it is heavy. I have used it to 3500 Meters with good accuracy.There are some lasers that will work for long range work but they get up there in price.
Crow Mag
After looking at 5 different ones I chose a zeiss. It is compact, great zeiss optics, the split image is easier to use than most and came with all the extras. If you would like to know more send me an email. [email protected]
Cheaper than Dirt is running a Wild special for $279 or there abouts.It will probibly be a little beat up as they are all used.The Grade C I pickt up from Deutsch Optic a few years ago has a couple of scratches on the lenses and the case looks like its ben to war.It works great for rangeing prairie dogs to 1500 yards.Rangesd the water tower from the last dog town at 15,500 meters,had to drive 35 miles to get there though. Cheaper than dirt=Wild
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