Wife's 11pt Texas WT...Her PB


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Jun 21, 2017
I hate to brag but my wife has been on fire since her first day in the woods in Nov. 2017...her first day in the woods she makes a 307 yard shot on her first buck!

During the 4th of July 2020 she shoot her first Aoudad with a 382 yard shot!

The shot on November 13, 2020 was not a long shot. But is does keep increasing her point count...8, 9, 10 and now 11. We will have to see how 2021 goes but she said she will be looking for a 12pt.

So she takes off work Friday because (stupid us) we missed opening weekend of deer season because we are selling our house. Our original buyer chicken'd out on us!🤬

So we are in the stand early hoping the wind doesn't change. The stand is very wind sensitive to wind direction and they were calling for it to swing from the East...death of this spot!

I have feeders on the East and West sides of the stand, pond is north of us. So it's a killer spot even though this was the first year to have it in place. The game camera was showing the 11pt was a regular, along with a big 8 and 9.5 point bucks.

Well at just barely first shooting light I spot what I thought was big 9.5pt (9 super solid points but his 10th point looks like someone glued a pencil eraser to the main beam). I'm trying to get her to turn around to take the "9.5pt" but she wants the the 11. As the light improves I see it has at least 10 points.

Now she has a little interest, by the time she gets turned I I spot the 11th point kicker and tell her it the 11 she wants. As she settles in on the rifle he takes off!

It doesn't seem to bother her too much, she settles back in watching the feeder to the West because it had not gone off yet. About 30 minutes after the West feeder goes off I look at the East feeder and the 11pt is back!

So we make the shuffle to get her facing East again when he starts walking directly at us. The pigs have a trail going from one feeder to the other and he was on it headed right to us.

He is closing the distance pretty fast and I tell the wife I will stop him at about 75 yards. We had just talked about frontal shots that morning so when I...BAAAH. He froze and she center punched him!


Her rifle is a 6.5 CM gun I built her from parts I bought here on this site. Savage action, Savage barrel, Boyd's Zombie stock, Athlon FFP scope and one of my Form 1 suppressors on it. Mousefart quiet too!😁