My daughter gets her first kill with her 6.5x47L

Jim the Plumber17

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Oct 21, 2007
After checking her zero yesterday,My Badass Daughter - Sniper's Hide Forums
Shayla went out today and filled her doe tag. This is her 7th deer but her first with her 6.5x47Lapua.
Shot was 253 yards, prone off a
Harris bi-pod. Rifle built by Rbros rifles: LH SA Rem 700 Rock 8 twist, NXS 3.5x15 MLR, 140 Nosler partition over 40 grains of Hunter.



I guess I have to concur and wonder if she's single. It's nice to see em brought up right!

good on ya!
Congratulations on her hunt!!!
Great looking rifle, I also liked the pink flutting.
You must very proud, what an awesome experience to share with your daughter!!!
Thanks for posting.
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