Who Wants MOA Spotting Scope (not USO)

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    Aug 2, 2011
    Ok guys no one out there except US Optics makes a spotting scope with a MOA recticle in it. I have spoken with many scope manufacturers about getting an MOA spotting scope (Leupold, Leupold custom shop, Premier, Leica.....etc) but non of them think that there is any market out there for one. I think that is not the case.

    I don't want a US optics spotting scope due to the lack of optics quality so I would rather find another way to get the optics quality better with a recticle.

    I spoke with an engineer at Horus Vision about getting an MOA spotting scope. He said there is a good chance that they would be willing to make a run of MOA spotting scopes if there were about 20 people serious about getting one. I need to know what people would be willing to pay for one.

    Now if there are enough people the price can come down. The more people who are willing to buy one the better.

    So here are the specifics. I talked to him about modifying a Leupold gold ring HD spotting scope and put an MOA recticle in it.

    Leupold HD Spotting Scope

    or maybe use their spotting scope modified with an MOA recticle

    Horus Spotting Scope

    I am assuming the price would be somewhere between $500 and $2K. But again I won't know unless I get a feel for what people are willing to spend. So anyway just post what the max you would be seriously willing to pay for a spotting scope and if I can get enough people in then hopefully the price can come down enough.

    Anyway post if you are interested. I would really like to get something going.

    I am also doing this thread on the Snipers Hide Forum

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