Who uses Cutting Edge Bullets? Troubleshooting


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Jun 25, 2003
Aussie in Italy
So I recently made a decision to clear out my gun cabinet, reloading shed, settle on one rifle, one bullet, one powder and get on with shooting more with the time it saves me.
The result was a Blaser R8 success rifle, with 6.5 and .338 win mag barrels, using Bhttig edge 130 and 225gn bullets respectively.

But I just can't get them to shoot. I've only tried two powders, but both using the ladder and OCW methods. Also tried different seating lengths and I can't find something consistent.
The .338 is consistent at 100, but grouping MOA or .75 at best, while at 600 the groups just to to hell. While the 6.5x55 will shot tiny groups with wild fliers, and I haven't tried it at long range yet. What I have done is gone through a box of each and am still nowhere in terms of load development.

Has anyone else had problem setting these bullets to perform? The rifle shot Accobonds to .5MOA without any load development, and I just exhumed my old .300 which shoots in the .3's with SMKs, which is very discouraging because I planned on selling it since I never use it...


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