White River LR Vs CCI200


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Mar 12, 2021
Anniston Alabama
To begin with it is hot as Hades here today, so forgive me if you're wanting more than this quicky test. The rifle is a Sauer Field shot in 6.5 CM.
Load data is 130 GB Sierra tipped match king. 37.7 of Varget 2.810 OAL
The rifle is sighted with120 ELDM so that explains the low impact point. Don't gripe about the three shot groups, I'll try to test more later.

Chronograph test
WR#1 Cold bore from air conditioned home.
#1 2767
#2 2743
#3 2737
#4 2740
#5 2738

CCI 200
Same cold bore as before, 45 minutes later.
#1 2744
#2 2734
#3 2745
#4 2739
#5 2748
Barrel very hot at the end of each string.
Left target is with the CCI LR
Center target I gimped the 1st shot, second two very good. I went home and loaded three more and shot the right target. I wanted to be fair test. Shooting at my neighbors home half mile from mine.
As you can see the CCI wins, but not by much and I believe that the load could be tweaked to bring it in. No failure to function on anything. I believe they are good primers. Time will tell. I mentioned that its hot and humid today, so I'm sipping something cold and setting in the recliner. Have a good day. Sorry for the double picture of the rifle!


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Sorry Rosebud , I couldn't resist. 👍🤣
That's ok,shot the chrony numbers off the deck. There are only five families up here and everyone shoots. Guy that lives two hundred yards away shoots his 50 Cal up the mountain at steel targets. Sounds like grenades going off. If i'd panned the picture five feet to the right the yard extends for40 yards.
Thanks! That gun shoots too!
It didn't start that way. Took about120 + rounds before it settled down. Had another one with the black stock I hunted with that shot great out of the box.The field shot is a boat anchor, but fun to shoot. Neighbor who has the range owns the black one now. Saw me shooting it and wouldn't take no for a answer. He lets me hunt on his property and shoot whenever I want so hard to say no to him.