Whats the worse most dangerous hunt you ever went on ?

In critical situations:
1) Lack of preparedness causes fear.
2) Fear causes poor judgment.
3) Poor judgment causes mistakes.
4) Mistakes cause loss of life.
Be prepared.

Read this in a survival handbook once and it stuck.
There is an old adage in aviation. " Bad decisions make great stories"
I can imagine that was a longer then normal ten minutes 😂😂😂

I was 16 or 17. Could have been 30 seconds for all I know, just remember crawling over those old alders and hearing an angry bear but not seeing him. Was all gun ho when volunteered, but hear angry animal noises and the cracking of brush tanks the zing right out of a body. Felt like my time pushing into the thicket was long enough...

Had some wild bear encounters over the years, the truly hair raising ones were always after someone did a poor defensive shot on one.

At the time we were mostly armed with a 30-06 with either 180 or 200 grain bullets.
My almost did not make it back hunt was duck hunting in the early 70`s . In Nov. and Dec . we had a late season hunt on Lake Michigan for Blue bills ,Scaup Old Squaw and other big water Ducks . Bag limits were generous .10 a day on the Blue Bills alone.
My partner and I took a deep , wide 14' boat with a 25 Evinrude out of Port Washington Wi Harbor. We had a boat load of dekes to set out and were to meet our friends on a point on the lake that was Public Hunting . Almost as soon as we cleared the Harbor , the gas line froze . It was about 17 degrees and snowing with a brisk west wind . We both got on a oar and rowed like crazy . We kept getting blown out into the lake . There were some sizable waves and big rollers . Things were not looking good . We gave it everything we had and eventually made it into shore about two hours later . There was lots of praying going on as we thought we were goners .
Then we used the anchor line to hold us to the shore and eased out to set the Dekes out .
All that work and the hunting sucked . One of the guys had gone to a Gas Station to get something to unfreeze the gas line . It cleared the motor up , so we picked up our gear and headed back in . While going back in my gun case and brand new
I actually have one hunting trip that brings back nightmares of a close call that could have been fatal.

Solo hunt. About 4 miles and 6 hours from the morning parking spot, I connected on a good mule deer buck.
Out of food, almost out of water. Not hot though. I got the buck quartered up, and wrapped the quarters I was leaving there in extra t-shirts to keep the coyotes off.

I had a rear quarter, backstraps, tenderloins, and head and cape on a VERY heavy pack out of the canyons. My goal was make it to a road, ditch the pack and rifle, and go get the truck unburdened.

These canyons were in a burn area, and deadfalls littered everywhere, along with catclaw choked bottoms. While crossing a deadfall, I slipped and impaled my inner thigh on a broken off branch about 3/4" diameter. No clue how deep it was. I though, "Oh sh!+, where did that just go?" I dropped my pack very carefully, and got out a pocket knife. I cut my pants to see the impalement. It was right where my femoral should be. I thought I was screwed. While trying to reach down for my bone saw...I slipped again and off the impaling branch I fell. I was scared to look. Blood flowing for sure, but I literally saw my femoral artery right where the hole was, but unpunctured. Let me say, the femoral artery is a big vein. It must have pushed out of the way when the branch stuck me.
I loaded back up, made it to the bottom of the last canyon where the road was on the opposite ridge, and I was spent. Laid down and took about an hour long nap. That last climb out wrecked me. Made ot to the top, walked 2 miles and got the truck, drove back and loaded the pack up and headed for camp to assess the damage. Cleaned it up and out.

The next morning, I headed back out to get the rest of my deer, and my leg was stiff as heck. I found a small 2-track about 1/2 mile and 1 small canyon away from the deer. Still took my 7 hours to get the rest out.

I am very VERY careful crossing deadfalls now.

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Bad stuff happens when you hunt far from the truck "ALONE"
Browning Superposed got soaking wet . So when we left , I dried the gun , broke it apart and wrapped it into a Dry Coat.
Not the end of the story . On the way back home we came on a piece of Public Hunting ground for rabbits and decided to give it a try . So we hunted for about an hour and picked up 6 bunnies . There were four of us . So I break apart my shot gun and wrap it back in the Coat . We pulled out and did not go a half mile when there are Red lights and a siren behind us . We pulled over and a Warden got out of his car and approached us . He wanted to check our shot guns to see if they were unloaded . We complied . When he got mine he took it and threw it in the back seat of his car ,I asked him ,what the blazes was going on . He told me I was illegally transporting it as it was not in a zippered gun case . I showed him my soaking wet gun case ,explained what happened and he said tough sh t . He wrote me a ticket and said I could go to court or pay the fine at his residence and pic the shot gun up . I had to wait a week to go get the gun and when I got there ,he was not around . His wife said I could pay her and she would give me a receipt and the shot gun . When she gave me the shot gun it was still in 3 pieces and all rusted , plus dented and dinged . I was not a happy camper and told her I hoped I would meet up with her husband again in the woods . End of story .
There are bad game wardens, just as there are bad police officer. I've found that the federal game wardens to be the worse of the bunch.
This is what happened to a friend years ago... He was moose hunting and it was the last day (last 2 hours) of the moose season. He comes up to a bit of a small open clearing about 80 yards across. Well... on the other side of the clearing was a bull moose fully mounted and just giving it to a cow moose right on the very edge of the clearing.

As the bull is giving it to the cow... he pushing her further into the bushes and he realizes... if I don't shoot the bull now, I'm not going to be able to.

So bang... he shoots the bull as he is in full thrust. Well... the cow moose must have been enjoying it and she was ****ED that someone interrupted her enjoyment (must have been close to orgasm I guess???)

As the bull falls off of her and to the ground... she looks and sees my friend AND CHARGES!!!

He was like... schite!!!! Can't shoot the cow, so he fires a round into the ground in front of her as she is charging. Well she is not dissuaded at all.

He was like... oh FU... So he drops the gun and scrambles up a tree.

For just over 20 minutes the cow moose walked in circles around the tree... pounding her front hoves into the ground. Finally she gave up and walked off into the bush.

So we are at his place and he's telling the story and we were teasing him saying... Well how would you feel if your giving it to the wife and someone came in and shot you in the middle of it and his wife (who had a hell of a sense of humor) says... she was mad because she was a lot closer to an orgasm than I have been. His mouth just dropped open and we absolutely howled in laughter!!!
When you talk about conservation officers... the same guy as aboce... so this is hunting in Manitoba and it's different rules then here us Saskatchewan. In Saskatchewan, you can shoot from a road surface but not down the road corridor. In Manitoba you have to be outside of the right of way. Which means at the fence line. So my friend is out moose hunting and there's a bull moose in the clearing. Which he has a legitimate and legal tag for.

So he's walking down through the ditch and up the backslope... the moose turns his head slightly... he stops at the top of the backslope. Lifts the rifle and bang. The second he sees the foam dust fly. Instantly he knew that he shot a fake foam moose with radio controls kn it. He's shooting a semi auto 280 so he shoots the next 3 rounds right into where the motor is.

Out of the bush comes the conservation officers. All of it video taped and he is charged with shooting from a road. He tried to fight it and in court the video showed that he was 2 feet from being legal. Gets a fine and a year suspension in hunting.

Now this guy taught me how to reload and had OVER 300 sets of dies in 1986. He reloaded for guys all over the place. Specialty... antique... etc. So the not getting an animal wasn't a big deal as people would bring him meat etc as a thank you on top of paying him to reload for them.

But after this happened... he got in the mail or dropped off for the whole year... pieces of foam painted to look like a T-Bone steak... numerous bottle of meat tenderizer... meat tenderizer hammers... pictures of what a real moose looked like. And to top it all off... he comes home from work one day and the wife says... I cooked steaks for supper... I left yours on the BBQ to keep it warm... here she gotten a really well painted "foam steak" and had it sitting there (BBQ was off) while she and their 2 daughters finished off their actual steaks. Frig was he mad. And the girls kept saying to him... you eat what you shoot daddy!!!
My worse hunt was my first hunt in alaska a drop hunt and they didnt come back to get me .I was alone that was the biggest mistske .The guy with the flying service made a deal with my evil gf at the time to leace me for dead .She went through all my crredit cards while i was gone .I was left 40 miles away in the wilderness having never camped in the snow or had to deal with grizzly bears .I stayed 10 dayz hardly slept it was 0 tk 8 degreees and the bears were feeding for winter still and i about ended up in their tummirs .I had a borrowed sleeping bag that would only zip to my knress .The plane crashed into brush going in messed up wings .I camped in a place that every tree had grizzly bear clawing .I had water inside the tent and stuff floatimg around from water .I had bears come every night then finslly they decided to try to come inside the temt .I shot my 338 wm into yhe ground to scare them but they still kept agravisting me .I knew i couldnt keep goimg much longer .I knew a plane for someone else was comimg the 10 th day so i flagged him down .He couldnt take me back but called ffa to get me picked up .I bought a 416 rem mag after that for temt gun and tried not to gi by myself too much .I should have put that guy that left me in jail and that bad gf .She thought she was seeong a ghost when i got back .It took a while to realize she had set it up to rip me off .I just dusted off and stayed on alaska 12 years loved it .I never saw a moose that trip just giant caribou and lots of bears
You’re a lot more generous on her than I would have been!
Ever see an old run down Papaya Tree Plantation? If it could be climbed, I would be the first one up! :eek:Ever try shooting a stampede 30-40 Beasts with a Lead Bull (what's a lead Bull?) charging out of the forest and then through 4' + high grass in front of you like 30 mph?o_O
I still remember it like it was 5 minutes ago. Talk about being scared-didn't have time to be scared.
Semper Fi!
Good points. Have shot running deer/hogs at close range a couple times, but not 30-40 of them and not those conditions. Lead bull - Wildebeest manage the herd via a lead bull, much like elk do with a lead cow. What the lead does and decides, the herd all does - the lead is the boss. Lead bull is generally, one of if not, the largest, toughest and one of the elder bulls in the herd. Girlfriend shot the lead bull once out of a group of 50-60+ in Limpopo w/300Bee at 200+yds and broke his shoulder and destroyed his heart and lungs, yet, he still ran about 80yds with the herd and dropped dead. They ran appx 200 yds further. After maybe a minute or two at most, they all walked back toward him/us (4 of us and a pitbull) and didn't stop and turn and run till they were inside 50yds from us and the dog lunged and barked at them. When scared, we hope we all do the most natural, instinctual, and most important thing first. You were trained for it and did it. 👏 Semper Fi Glad you both were unscathed! 😇
One of my best friends is a retired Game Warden who had a life sized eight point robotic buck in his basement that they used to snare night poachers. Its head would swivel and blink its eyes. Eyes shines just like a live deer in the lights. They would set it 75 to 100 yards off the road in areas that complained about night poachers. It was full of bullet holes, and the motor and wires ran up the length of the back just under the hide.It has caught a bunch of poachers. You notice I never called them Hunter's, because they weren't! They were poachers!
True. I agree but this was daylight hours... crown land (legal to hunt), he had a valid tag, it was a bull foam moose. And there was no fence line to tell or have an exact idea where the property line was, and he had walked to where he thought was legal to shoot. But yes, you are right to. Wrong is wrong.

I'll flip it this way to you... we had a cop in Minnedosa, Manitoba that everyone called "robocop" In Canada, there is a law that technically states that you cannot modify a vehicle in any way shape or form from that which it left the factory. This is basically done to prevent guys from driving monster trucks down the highway and their bumper is at a cars windshield height kind of thing. Basically unsafe modifications.

So if you ran 29" tires on your truck and the little factory sticker on the inside of your door frame says 28" tires... you can be issued a ticket for an illegal modification. I was visiting a friend there and I had my brand spanking new Dodge shot box with a 360. This guy pulled me over and spent an hour checking the tire sizing, bumper height, etc. But I had bought the truck literally the week before, so he couldn't charge me. He loved to pick on trucks coming though town. Less then a year later they transferred him away... way up north I understood lol.
Most Game Wardens I have met are very pleasant and deserving of respect for the job they do. There are exceptions to this in every line of work.
This reminds me of probably the closest I have come to kicking the bucket on a hunt. It was a solo hunt in some of roughest areas I have hunted. Record high temperatures and four miles deep. I was stupid to be packing a climbing tree stand, pack and rifle. Shot a buck that came out on TVA power line at approximately 300 yards away. It was not a great shot and the deer ran and fell in the bottom of the deepest ravine of the day. I thought I could drag it to the single rack trail by myself. 1.5 hours later I was completely exhausted and over heated. I was convinced that the truck was only a relatively easy drag away. So off I went. Another 4.5 hours later of dragging the dear, tree stand, pack and rifle was pure torture. I became very light headed and fell in heap on the trail. Very fortunate to have packed enough water. The closest I have ever come to fatal heat stroke.
I was checking the dear in later that evening and a Warden was there. I young guy was in front of me was grinning from ear to ear with a great buck in his truck. The warden was checking his deer and tag and noticed his tag did not have the date cut out. The jerk warden took this guys deer and wrote him a citation. The young hunter was literally crying and begging the warden not to take his deer. This warden just stated this will teach you to follow the regulations in the future. I voiced my displeasure with his actions, and only received a threatening response.
Ma pire chasse a été ma première chasse en Alaska, une chasse au drop et ils ne sont pas revenus me chercher. J'étais seul, c'était la plus grosse erreur. Le gars du service de vol a passé un accord avec ma méchante petite amie à l'époque pour me laisser partir. morte. Elle a parcouru toutes mes cartes de crédit pendant mon absence. J'ai été laissé à 40 miles de là dans la nature sans jamais camper dans la neige ni avoir eu affaire à des grizzlis. Je suis resté 10 jours, j'ai à peine dormi, il faisait 0 tk 8 degrés et les ours se nourrissaient encore pour l'hiver et je me suis retrouvé dans leur tummir. J'avais emprunté un sac de couchage qui ne pouvait se fermer qu'à mon knress. L'avion s'est écrasé dans les broussailles et avait des ailes en désordre. J'ai campé dans un endroit où chaque arbre avait un grizzly griffait. J'avais de l'eau à l'intérieur de la tente et des trucs qui flottaient autour de l'eau. Des ours venaient tous les soirs, puis finalement, ils ont décidé d'essayer d'entrer dans le bâtiment. J'ai tiré mon 338 wm dans le sol pour les effrayer, mais ils ont quand même gardé m'aggravant. Je savais que je ne pouvais pas continuer plus longtemps. Je savais qu'un avion pour quelqu'un d'autre arrivait le 10 ème jour alors je l'ai signalé. Il ne pouvait pas me ramener mais a appelé ffa pour me faire venir chercher. J'ai acheté un 416 rem mag après ça pour une arme à feu et j'ai essayé de ne pas trop me donner moi-même. J'aurais dû mettre ce type qui m'a laissé en prison et cette mauvaise petite amie. Elle pensait qu'elle voyait un fantôme à mon retour. Il a fallu un certain temps pour réaliser elle l'avait installé pour m'arnaquer. Je viens de dépoussiérer et je suis resté en Alaska pendant 12 ans, j'ai adoré. Je n'ai jamais vu un orignal qui voyage juste un caribou géant et beaucoup d'ours.

The real hunt would have started when I came back

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