Whats the worse most dangerous hunt you ever went on ?

In the span of 48 hours, two Russian clients had AD's that

1. Missed my head by just a hair. Almost in the literal sense.

2. Missed my knee by .1 second and just an inch. He touched my knee with his 300 win mag and I jerked away just as he pulled the trigger.

I have never been so angry in my adult life as I was on that 2nd ND.

They were instantly invited to leave my ranch.

What was the second one trying to do?
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My worse hunt was my first hunt in alaska a drop hunt and they didnt come back to get me .I was alone that was the biggest mistske .The guy with the flying service made a deal with my evil gf at the time to leace me for dead .She went through all my crredit cards while i was gone .I was left 40 miles away in the wilderness having never camped in the snow or had to deal with grizzly bears .I stayed 10 dayz hardly slept it was 0 tk 8 degreees and the bears were feeding for winter still and i about ended up in their tummirs .I had a borrowed sleeping bag that would only zip to my knress .The plane crashed into brush going in messed up wings .I camped in a place that every tree had grizzly bear clawing .I had water inside the tent and stuff floatimg around from water .I had bears come every night then finslly they decided to try to come inside the temt .I shot my 338 wm into yhe ground to scare them but they still kept agravisting me .I knew i couldnt keep goimg much longer .I knew a plane for someone else was comimg the 10 th day so i flagged him down .He couldnt take me back but called ffa to get me picked up .I bought a 416 rem mag after that for temt gun and tried not to gi by myself too much .I should have put that guy that left me in jail and that bad gf .She thought she was seeong a ghost when i got back .It took a while to realize she had set it up to rip me off .I just dusted off and stayed on alaska 12 years loved it .I never saw a moose that trip just giant caribou and lots of bears
Takeaway: Women more dangerous than grizzly
Thanks for that read!!!! That is absolutely crazy, only time I’ve had a dangerous hunt was on public land twice. One time I heard shooting in the distance while coyote hunting, people frequent a spot at least 800 yards from where I was sitting to shoot. Heard what sounded like a movie scene, projectiles going over my head! Some were hitting the power line poles I was sitting under, some were zipping right by left and right. Feeling would have been worthless, jumped off the edge of the mound I was on and rolled down the hill. Waited for it to go calm and walked out. Another time on public land, I had some kid shoot at myself and a friend. He says he shot at a squirrel in a tree that he saw and didn’t see us in the field walking. Heard the bullets hit the trees and one landed less than an inch from my left foot before the screaming started. A lot of idiots out there, but **** your story is one I’ll never forget!