What factory 7mm load with what gun for 700yds

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  1. zach5187

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    Nov 22, 2010
    My goal I am trying to acheive is to shoot whitetail accurately at 700yd max. I have not purchased a rifle for this build yet however have a .243 tikka and do like it as it shoots well. question is what is the best factory rifle no custom work, and what factory ammo would make for the perfect combination for 700yds on whitetail thanks zach
  2. trebark

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    Jan 16, 2008
    Can't say it's perfect, but my nephew's 270 is an awesome gun. It started life as a 'Cabela's Special' and with minimal amount of accurizing, it shoots like a laser. Shooting Hornady Custom Ammo (it is 'factory' off the shelf ammo) with 130grain SST bullet, it has sufficient power to kill whitetails at 700. This year he killed one at 337 and 290. This weekend hope to stretch it out a bit farther.



    Although you said, no custom work, the modifications done to nephew's rifle, is what I would recommend to anyone with a factory gun.

    Although many rifles and calibers will work for your criteria, other rifles that come to mind are Remington Sendero's and Savage Long Range Hunter. In terms of caliber, give consideration to the 30cal magnums like the 300WSM and 300WinMag
  3. 300rum

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    Jul 27, 2006
    7mm rem mag with 168vld t is a perfect and very accurate deer rifle up to 900yrd -1100yrds.
    all you have to do is free flote the barel, and do a trigger job.
    i love my factory 7mm rem mag weatherby, and this hunting season i was surprised how easy is to take deer with.
    550yrd nech shot
    400yrd head shot
    500yrd spine shot
    150yrd head shot
    all with 168vld match on ctory 7mm rem mag weatherby factory barell.
    1000yrd it is so boringgggggg shooting at rocks or gong.
  4. roninflag

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    Feb 27, 2006
    for the rifle : a remington sendero in 7mm rem mag. for ammo : any will do. the most accurate at 700 yards.
  5. barthmonster

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    Nov 30, 2010
    I love my 7mm Rem Ultra Mag for deer and feel confident at that range, why ??

    Not the power of the round, it's more than I really need. These large calibers for reasons unknown to me are accurate. 1/2 MOA with factory ammo, 1/4 MOA with careful handloads (swift bullets)... this from a sporter-barrel and muzzle-brake. These newer remingtons will shoot and the trigger on my gun hasn't been touched it's factory (not that good).

    Yes, I use a lot of powder. But I'm confident in my gun... The other choices mentioned are good too...

    Gunbroker seems to have a lot of Remington LSS guns like mine (300 Ultra right now) for around $650 to $700 now and then...