What bedding?? Advice please ....


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Dec 21, 2009
Fixing to start my first few steps building my 7mm Rem. Which way should i go for the best accuracy? Im not trying to shoot 1000 yard shots at whitetails here in NC, but would like a very accurate 500 to 600 yard gun. Should i go with a full aluminum bedded block or glass bead , pillar , steel or both pillar and steel ? Thanks for any suggestions..

To get the best accuracy possible you should do a proper pillar bedding job along with a bedding job on the action. I like to use aluminum pillars and then devcon steel bed for the bedding. This will provide a solid platform to work with. Also make sure the barrel is free floated. This, along with a good hand load tuned specifically for this rifle should get you maximum accuracy out of your setup.
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