What’s your spookiest hunting experience?

Bowhunting for deer in the big woods of the Adirondacks in pouring rain. I was confident enough in my archery at that point to hunt a deer at close range, but I was unprepared mentally for the black bear that loomed out of the wet. It was gloomy and starting to get dark. I was under a large fir, using it to slow the rain, and that bear walked around the dripline of the tree maybe around 6 to 8 feet away. It was dead silent. Apparently the rain was keeping my scent right around me since it didn't smell me and of course I didn't move a muscle. As big as it was I had great doubts about killing it with a sharp stick. That was pretty unsettling and creepy. You look over your shoulder all the way back to camp.
A good friend loves deer hunting. He made a tree stand. He had it a few years and knew it very well. Opening season he went to that tree stand early and still dark.

Settled down until daylight appear. He started hearing a humming sound. Looked around and found that hornets had built a nest under his tree stand seat!

He very, very slowly moved out of the seat and as far over as he could. The branches were not able to support him, but he tried. But as carefully the branches would not hold and he started falling, grabbing branches on his way down.

Slowed his fall but landed butt first. Besides scratches and knocked the wind out of him, and as his rifle came down halfway and got caught. It was far enough he could climb up.

He now carries a flashlight and a can of hornet spray.
I'd like with a laugh face thing but it's not funny. What scares me is that the looniest people on the left coast (not all left coasters a loony btw) have f... messed up their state so bad they are running away to other states like WA and OR... and TX :/ I can spot a "citizen immigrant" to TX easily. Just look for a line of cars in the left lane of IH10. The lead car with it's entitled driver "ain't from around here". Sadly, pit maneuvers or the use or installation of a minigun isn't allowed. Not that I would ever consider such a thing... well... maybe the pit maneuver...
Just so you know, pit maneuvers work very well. I have done hundreds of them and they are actually very fun to do at higher speeds really as it takes less of a impact to make things happen. Lol! I will caution you to "keep it on the race track" like I did. The law probably won't be nice to us if we do it on public roads. I drove one year of ½ mile Nascar dirt tracks and 5 years on ½ mile Nascar asphalt tracks... I also ran in 4 demolition derbies. All of my time spent in the racecars was amazing. However, like you, I sometimes feel like I need to use that skillset to "help" other drivers going below the speed limit in the fast lane!🙂

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