What’s the most interesting thing you have cooked?


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May 3, 2020
I have tried various dishes. I usually keep the liver if it's in tact. I am not a heart person, but have eaten it a few times to try to change my own mind. I have had cow tongue which is good if I don't cook it, I don't have the knack.

I had a conversation with someone this week asking what I thought of bighorn meat when they saw my mount on the wall. Not relevant to this, but I told them it was fantastic!

I then showed them this photo. This person isn't super adventurous on food, so it was mostly to get a funny reaction. Oysters. I packed them out for evidence of sex and figured why not cook em up since they were sizable. They were pretty good. This bag in the freezer was funny to show people for the few weeks it was there.

Got me wondering what things are available people normally wouldn't cook up.


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Guess most readers are not too adventurous. I think I was in Missouri when introduced to rocky mountain oysters. Even when told what they were, I found they tasted great. Never cooked them myself but let me know if you are and I will bring the bulleit whiskey.
OTOH when I arrived in Alaska, my nextdoor neighbor was rotating out and gave me a frozen moose heart. Never had the 'heart' to try to stuff and cook it,
I didn't personally cook this but i was watching closely.
I was asked by a local chef about 20yrs ago if I could bring an elk quarters back so he could come over and see how they were processed. We're at my house, finish up and he cooked the bone and served bone marrow and used the bone for broth for another dish. really good.
See your pictures reminds me of eating rattle snake. Smoked and peeled and mixed with chives and cream cheese makes an excellent dip. This year we saved the bones from our elk and roasted them and then made the bone broth. Worst thing I ever ate as a kid was kidneys.
Tried woodchuck one time, was edible, I think that with a lite trial and error it could be really good. Also tried rattle snake and would eat that any chance I get.
As long as it is a young one. Old boars are not very good. When growing up, we weren't very well off. Eating what might be considered "adventurous" was a meal. Racoon is one I will pass on in the future because it is too rich for my taste. Snakes and lizards are good once you get past the smell of gutting them. Bon appetite.
Yes. Or whale blubber the was rendered mixed with the berries and snow. I didn't try it. My neighbor was married to a native lady, and she would make it for their kids. That looked too greasy for me.
some rattler to go with the fresh pronghorn steaks. View attachment 425906
I used to hunt rattlers and furnished them at our yearly game dinner. The folks rolled their eyes at the deep fried snake but it got eaten quickly. From then on, they demanded I furnish the snake every time.
A bag of Shake&Bake chicken and a bag of pork mixed together coated the snake portions and then deep fried. When the pieces floated to the top of the hot oil, the portions are removed, just like deep fried catfish.