Welcome to meichele, Adam and NZ_longranger and

Len Backus

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May 2, 2001
Michael will be writing a how-to article on Dall sheep hunting.

Adam is writing on rimfire accuracy. Since I own a Volquartzen .17 HMR I can't wait to read that one.

Greg Duley will be expanding on his recent wapiti article.

I have a few more completed articles up on the site. Pictures will be added. I am very pleased with the progress of article commitments!
Looks like I'll have to unregister and re-register so I come up as NZ Longranger which is what people know me as. Not sure why its different to last time, I used Greg Duley as a user name then and I showed up on screen as NZ?
Very interesting. I just deleted your second registration (NZ LongRanger), changed your first username to NZ LongRanger. Now, if you want, you can change your signature to something other than your username.

So...I realized that while that the old software has Login name and Username (which is displayed)...the new software has only Username, no Login name. I'll have to research how the data import process (when we go live) will handle that issue. I also don't know exactly what's going to happen regarding the fact that you dozen or so guys already have registrations here.
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