Weaver T-16 opinions....


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Feb 26, 2002
Wyoming, USA

I am currently using a Weaver V-16 on a M700 25/06. The optical clarity starts to fall a bit when turned beyond 12X. As I really don't need variable power on this rifle, I am considering going to a fixed power scope. I also would like to have target turrets which the V-16 does not have.

After talking with some folks about the T-16s, I think I might like one of these.

Are the optics a better quality than those in the V series? And are the mechanics of the scope suitable for repeatable adjustments?

All comments appreciated.


Hey Holmes-
I have the Weaver straight 15 power and had the 6-5-20 Grand Slam. The 15 power is an ok scope, clarity is average and the click repeatability is decent. The price was $178. For that price, it's tough to beat but it's not nearly as nice as my Leupolds.
The Grand Slam cost me about $300 and to be honest, I regretted not spending more for a better scope. It wasn't bad, just not what I was used to.
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