Weatherby Mark V 338-06


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Mar 2, 2011
For sale is a Weatherby Mark V Super Big Game Master in 338-06 A-square. As I understand these were the model prior to the "Ultralight". I got it earlier this summer, but I have since gotten my 280 AI to the point that I don't have a use for this. Very nice rifle, as most Mark V rifles are. It is light and very packable, 24" fluted barrel, believe it's about 6.75 lbs or so bare since it is an ultralight. I have formed about half the brass with ease, a simple neck up is all it takes, no fire-forming or anything crazy. Absolutely nothing wrong with the rifle, I just went a different route. You can have this one in time for elk season with a turn key load.

Included in package:

Talley LW 1" Rings (medium)
Redding 338-06 dies in great shape
Approx. 90-100 brass, about half of it formed to 338-06
Approx 60-70 Hornady 230g ELD-X bullets (can get exact count if needed)
Can get you load info ready to go for hunting season (see below) - found this load with relative ease, haven't had time to try any other powders. I was getting right at 2600 fps with this load.

$900 shipped OBO




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