Weatherby 300 Weatherby Mag Ammo


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Oct 10, 2017
I have for sale 4 different boxes of classic weatherby ammo in 300 weatherby magnum. 180 grain soft point. I’ve had this ammo for 15 plus years. No idea how old it is. I’m guessing from the 70s? It all appears to be in good shape and stored properly. What you see is what you get. 45 loaded rounds and 24 pieces of factory once fired brass.It looks like empty boxes(no brass or ammo) are selling on eBay for $20 plus each on eBay. I’m thinking $200 for all of it. Don’t really want to split it up. Happy to send anyone more pics. I don’t think I’m over priced but let me know if you guys think I’m crazy. Terry (208)521-18489E9DF108-6288-4505-8F50-E40ADCFBE42A.jpeg7C717ABF-BA02-4EF7-80EB-4F3F89E58772.jpegEA85591F-AFAA-453C-BB7A-A2295F1B6539.jpegEC60C8EC-3C69-4475-9039-21E0BC683B08.jpegD4A535D4-F5FF-41AD-9B4D-8D433C814C93.png5B062E99-4AA4-4FF1-8D82-32C45E1F0D80.png