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process of building one 300 WSM any comments

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Dec 7, 2017
I am 97.8% american Indian and so is my better half we do live off the land and take care off what God gave us..I hunted all over the world on back of my grandfather and father shirt tails I am a fur and trapper by traded taking up gunsmithing for a master certificate. I also already completed conservation and wild life. I believe in hunting to be taught the old fashion respectful way and have taught my 6 girls and others the same way tradition and modern way. We all compete in long range shooting ang reload too.
Being Argentina in a month like to have the rifle done any suggestions where to go hunt
What's a good set of dyes to get brand-wise that I can use my Reloading Kit is green
Welcome back to the forum. I like to use the 300 Win Mag. You can get a little more out of the heavy bullets over the WSM. I think .300 Win Mag ammo is a little more available.

As for reloading dies I like to use Forster or Redding these days. They cost more but they will likely work properly so that you don't have to figure out why the runout is higher than desired. ( just a hypothetical example)

What tribe are you and your ancestors?
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