1. B

    North/Central Cali hog hunt help

    I’m looking for some recommendations on either any area to DIY Hog or a recommendation on a guide in central or Northern California. I live in Wa, brother is in SoCal so scouting the area ahead will be pretty tough! Any help would be appreciated.
  2. levers4life

    Tiny Home 10X20 Full Bath / Kitchen / Loft / AC

    Custom Tiny Home - Move In Ready! 10ft X 20ft with full length loft. Full kitchen & bath. 50amp electric service, generator hookup, 2.25 GPM tankless water heater, stainless sink, 2 burner cook top, Magic Chef refrigerator, shower, emaciating toilet, 110V air conditioner, bathroom vent fan...
  3. Hawkeye Pierce

    Crossbow stuff

    NIB Adjustable rear sight mount for crossbow. Never been opened. Sight tapes for different speeds, included all components. NOT FOR RAVIN ONLY mount on pic rail $ 245 shipped UPS CONUS. Or best offer 6 pack with travel case. Iron will broad head 125gr crossbow but can use in regular. 2...
  4. adictosacazar

    Spain Hunts: Ibex, Chamois, Fallow, Stag, Roe, Barbary and Mouflon Sheep.

    Full Spain Programs click this link: Spain 2021 Programs In Spain we have the best hunting offer in wild areas and natural paradise, where you can get that trophy so desired, with a rustic house as your home base for after a long day of hunting, we can relax with good meals and refreshing...
  5. J

    Biden Says He Will ‘Defeat the NRA’ While in Office ... 21-01-10-3 Make no mistake, it's not the N.R.A he's going after, its ALL gunowners. Unless we can retake Congress in 2022, you can forget about owning most firearms or being able to hunt on most public land. Don't for one second believe that your...
  6. D

    Little Hunt Video

    Put a little video together for a season that fell apart this last summer. My "long range" experience was 230 yards LOL!
  7. Daegon

    Montana Unit215

    Hey gang, Drawing results came out and I finally got a 215 tag for Montana. I’m wondering if anyone has hunted it before and has any info and doesn’t mind sharing. Got a call into the biologist and I’m already looking at BMAs but some actual experience would be greatly appreciated!
  8. G

    Swarovski Z6 3-18x50 BT HD Plex Black $1,550

    For sale is a used Swarovski Z6 BT 3-18x50 scope. Priced to sale at $1,550 It has been lightly used on a 6.5x284 hunting rifle and shows faint ring marks and has a blemish on the top of the scope near objective. Glass and functionality is flawless. Comes with original box. I live in College...
  9. Nick@Straight-Jacket


    Straight Jacket Armory is offering a HUGE sale on the Packlite Rifles that weight less than EIGHT pounds, make this hunting season the best you can and avoid carrying that heavy heavy rifle. we have extended the sale! with a new batch of stocks unspoken for, and some actions starting to free...
  10. Nick@Straight-Jacket


    Straight Jacket Armory is offering a HUGE sale on the Packlite Rifles that weight less than EIGHT pounds, make this hunting season the best you can and avoid carrying that heavy heavy rifle. 5/28-5-31 ONLY!! (Orders VIA phone in Only on rifles)-(307) 707-3181 Financing Available on...
  11. usmc1383

    We thank God each day for this great country USA.

    I am 97.8% american Indian and so is my better half we do live off the land and take care off what God gave us..I hunted all over the world on back of my grandfather and father shirt tails I am a fur and trapper by traded taking up gunsmithing for a master certificate. I also already completed...
  12. D

    2018 Wyoming Antelope & Elk Seaon

    Take a look. To sum up last season it was quick and went by too fast. Work had me in the office almost continuously. What time I did get I spent getting my old man his first pronghorn. That said, I did connect with a few critters and enjoy every minute!!
  13. O

    combo hunt in wyoming antelope and deer

    My question is this, I am a non resident wanting to hunt in wyoming for antelope and mule deer at the same time, I have no points, and find the web-site and the reg. book really difficult to navigate, the unit boundaries are not the same, so trying to do the research is difficult for the same...
  14. livetohunt

    LATE! Idaho elk/deer/antelope draw tags

    Wondering if anyone on here has any insight or insider information. I know that IDFG went to an outside service to do the drawings this year, and I know they extended the draw application by 3 days because of site difficulties. Last year draw results came out June 26th. Now they are only 5 days...
  15. 3

    African Safari Hunt for 4

    I have for sale or trade a hunt for 4 people to go hunt in Southern Africa all you have to do is buy flights to get there the rest is all inclusive.. Planned it as a family trip but Health issues have come up and it's no longer an option at the time... more information available upon request...
  16. K

    Looking for hunters to share a hunt

    2 guys from Kentucky looking to share a Colorado Elk Hunt September/October of 2009. One guy is experienced, and will be acting as a leader/guide, but not an outfitter. This is DIY affair to keep the costs down. We plan on using horses and packing into country around Glenwood Springs. We...