SELLER: Wayoutinmo - awesome seller - quick shipper


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Feb 26, 2013
SE Wisconsin
Does it ever occur to you that those of us on this forum are a little above the rest of the world as we sell, trade and barter?

Let me tell you about wayoutinmo... I can't thank him and the others that I have sold to and bought from and to clarify... I bought in this case!

So I bought a stock from wayout... I sent a MO and he immediately sent out the stock upon receiving the MO. Great right? Hold on cuz here is some better news! He packaged that stock up perfect...I mean perfect. Both on the outside, foam wrap around stock with foam holding it perfectly. Now for some background that does not apply to many postal carriers. I have the biggest work of art for a mail carrier... he is the ahole that walks up and puts a note in the mailbox that it's unsafe to delivery because of a dusting of snow...rain.. but the note is in the mailbox that he walked 2" from! He addressed my wife as she held out some outgoing letters as you F-in B*tch. long story short ....he is a CHAMP!!!

OK.... today is the day and the stock is do to arrive. Work called me away and I ended up a couple blocks away from my house at lunch time. I called the wife (she was getting ready for work) and grabbed take out. I got home and excitedly looked for the mail on my porch....nope not here... only to look up and see DORK pull up in front of my house. He jumped out and opened the back, grabbing a box that would perfectly fit a stock and pulled it about 6 inches and stopped as it was half in and half out. Then as he looked at me with my head out of the doorway and my feet still in, blocking the dog from sneaking out.... he... wait for it.... yep... that C%ck Su&^ker.... SLAMS THE REAR DOOR ON MY BOX! OOPs is what I think he mumbled but I'm not sure as my blood pressure spiked and I went into tunnel vision mood... maybe it was fight or flight.... nope not at all flight!!!! I stepped out onto my porch and he grabbed his mail bag and my box with a huge dent @ the halfway point. Yep that's my mail carrier. He actually says as he hands me the box... hymm.... not sure how that happened???? then he goes on to tell me he is retiring at the end of this month. I couldn't resist and said... gee I hope you don't get hit by a car on your last days of work...sure would be a shame!!!!

After all this my stoc was in perfect condition.... thanks to the careful packaging from my seller WAYOUTINMO- don't hesitate to buy from him... stock was exactly as he stated, shipping was fast and packaged better than anything I have received in a long time!!! Great Seller that really saved me!!! I was sure that the stock was scratched...chipped or otherwise

thank you so very much!


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Jan 9, 2013
Thanks guys.

Hey Harvman it sounds like you have the real life mailman from the movie Funny Farm ! Haha

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