Want to buy 156gr 6.5 Bergers


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May 20, 2020
Hello All,

I am wanting to buy or trade for a couple hundred (more if possible) 6.5 156gr Bergers. Got a sample pack a while back (when you could still buy them). Finally tested them and I have a spectacular load developed in my PRC. Just my luck, now they are UNOBTANIUM!!

I have 300 6.5 140 Elite Hunter, close to 90ish Nosler 142gr 6.5 ABLR, 100 147gr 6.5 Hornady ELDM, 50 131gr 6.5 Hammer Hunters, 90 ish 150gr .277 Nosler ABLR, 50 .277 140gr Fail Safe's. Several 100 30 cal Nosler 110gr E-Tip's.

I am not a gouger, will trade or sell for what I paid for all the above (prior to PLANDEMIC prices). I will post pictures of what I have to trade/sell if need be.

Thanks in Advance and God Bless!
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