Waiting for the TAC Elite


Nov 11, 2012
So having placed an order for a TAC15I here in the UK recently, the dealer contacted me today to give me the bad news that the distributors here have no more stock as PSE have ceased production of the 2012 models

So now begins the wait for the TAC Elite. Hopefully overseas sales won't be too long after the US. Well I suppose it gives me the option of putting on an AeroRest when I get it, if the timing's right :) I notice the trusty Whisker Biscuit is in the publicity shots

I've not seen an indication of prices yet. I'm hoping they won't be too much more eye-watering than the current TAC15I - I could just about justify that- works out at over $2k on our shores. If it starts creeping up much more than that it'll likely be too pricey for me.

From the PSE site and the publicity shots I couldn't see anything very obviously different - the main body has had the holes elongated but otherwise outwardly it seems to look the same? I'll be interested to find out what chances have been made if they aren't particularly cosmetic. It was already an extremely competent bow by all accounts.

Roll on 2013 <sigh>


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