VV N555 Load Data


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Oct 23, 2010
Hey Everyone, I was given 3 lbs of N555 and I have no idea what I can use it with. I do not own a 6.5 Creedmore which is what I guess it was designed for. I was hoping to try it on 25-06AI, 6.5x284, 280AI and 28 Nosler...does anyone have some experience with those? Not picky on bullet weights, just looking for a place to start.

Should be very similar to N-550 but as you said, designed for the Creedmoor. Like Crider said, similar to 4350 and RL-16. Crider, You will like the new update. They also added Shooters World powders (Lovex) powders and some other newer ones.
Rhett, LRT IS listed in the powders in quickload update. Right under accurate 8700 and magpro.
Ahhh. They have it listed under Accurate instead of Ramshot. Thanks Seabeeken. I'm going to verify but I'm sure that's what it is since Westerns website shows it that way. Still waiting on USPS for the update.