Vortex Razor HD Gen II quick look

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    Jan 31, 2010
    On Monday i got a chance to play with and handle the New Vortex Razor HD Gen II. I was very very impressed with it minus the weight! I played with both the 3-18 and the 4.5-27 and both were really nice. If you dont mind weight, or have a rig more set for the bench/f-class style and less of a hunting rig then id strongly consider it! I want to start by saying i am no expert when it comes to glass! I own a Vortex PST that i am very pleased with, run a Nightforce NXS that i love! Shot and played with both the Steiner's and Schmidt's, and will be using a Steiner for a course im going to in July but actual testing and shooting experience is limited (almost nothing) with most of these optics.

    Like i said first thing i noticed is the weight of these scopes, coming in around 48oz is a heavy scope! adding an extra 3 pounds to the rifle can make a huge difference. The glass quality is superb! We had it out next to the newer Bushnell HDMR, 4-16x50 Klassik Schmidt and bender, nightforce NXS and the older razor. As far as glass quality we had 3 different shooters there and it appeared the new razor had them all beat.

    The eye box on the older razor wasn't the greatest and was a little picky but the newer version definately seem liked they improved on it. The turrets are very audible and have very possible adjustments, the illumination has a newer stronger system it seems as the older one had 3 contact points that use to be a little flimsy. I like the reticle they are running (both scopes had the moa EBR-2C reticle in them).

    I was very impressed by there new scope except i dont know if i can get past there price as well. If it was a tad lighter id consider it but not sure if i can justify the added weight. Other then that, good looking scope, good feeling scope, and beautiful sharp glass! I know not everyone has seen one so figured id throw my 2 cents in. Like i said before very little experience in this department.

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    You lucky dog :D

    We have one of each on order and are counting the days or months!!

    As Boris the Blade said
    "Heavy is good Heavy is reliable"