Vortex Kaibab Binoculars - 15x


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Feb 12, 2015
I have a pair of Vortex Kaibab binos. They are 15 power and have 56mm objectives. These are in 99%+ condition. The case does show some wear, but the binos themselves are in excellent shape. These are very good binos for the money. The "big dog" in the 15x bino category is the Swarovski 15x SLC's which are amazing. These binos aren't quite that good, but you'd be surprises how close they come for a small fraction of the cost.

I bought these for spotting at PRS matches on a tripod, and they are excellent for that because they have a giant field of view. But I don't shoot matches much any more, so they've just been sitting in my safe.

I'm asking $600 shipped for this pair. Possible trades are listed below, otherwise I'd prefer PayPal Friends and Family (or add 3% for the fees). If this post isn't marked as Sold, or Sold Pending Funds they are still available.


Possible trade include the following...
Some reloading supplies I could use...
CCI rifle primers of any size
308 cal ELDx 178 grain bullets
6.5 cal Berger 140 grain Elite Hunters
6.5 cal ELDx 143 grain
7mm cal Berger 175 Elite Hunters

Varget, H1000, IMR 4198, RL26, RL16, H4350

Fiochhi Gold Pheasant 12 gauge loads in 4's or 5's (or similar pheasant loads like Federal Prairie Storm)
9mm pistol ammo
45 ACP pistol ammo


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Feb 12, 2015
I'm gonna bump these to the top with a PRICE DROP to $500 shipped. Come and get it!


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