Vimici Paper Map software for Android

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    Feb 22, 2007
    Here is a little gem for an Android Cell phone.

    Viamici—Mobile Navigation Using Paper and Ad Hoc Maps See his video there!

    This smart math wizzard has made a $10 download that will let you take a USGS/USFS/National Geographi/BLM/Gogle Earth name it Map and you take a High Definition Digital photo/scan/download and get it into your cell phone.

    Next you go to a first register point on that map. Use the software and click the GPS location from the Android. Then go to a second point, click exact spot again.

    From then on, you can travel on that map and have your GPS show you on the map.....NO CellPhone Signal required, and no expensive Garmin software!!! I am pretty sure you can have many different maps on the phone for your hunting, fishing, or other outdoors activities.

    I am going to put in the Moab, UT and Canyonlands area for sure.