SOLD/EXPIRED VERY nice, all original pre 64 270


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Jan 4, 2006
My son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes a month ago, ( the day after his 2nd birthday) and the bills are rolling in. With purchasing a CGM and Insulin pump, the bills really add up even with the good insurance I have. I am looking to sell this rifle as it is my most expendable. I bought this rifle purely to be a 'collector'. I never really planned on hunting it or shooting it much so it is first to go. It really bums me out as I had wanted a 100% original pre 64 for a long time. But, gotta do it for my son!

As stated above, 100% original, great condition Pre 1964 Model 70 270 win with Weaver fixed 6 scope. One safe bump and a rub spot on the barrel are the only imperfections my eyes can find. Does not appear to have been shot, hunted or carried much if at all.

Posted on several sites, PM or public Ill take it based on time stamp wins.

$1050.00 shipped

3 day non fire inspection period, buyer to pay for return shipping, full refund less shipping.

Rub spot on barrel

Serial on receiver matches serial on bolt.


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