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Valdada IOR 3-18x42 PRICE DROP


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Feb 26, 2017
Selling my Valdada IOR 3-18x42 35mm tube Hunting SF MOA/MOA, VRM illuminated reticle. Comes with HD tac low profile 35mm rings and sunshade. Great shape. Retails for $1,395. Selling for $700 shipped.


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Total weight is 22oz. I don’t have a VX6HD to compare it to but the reason I bought this scope to being with was because of the glass quality.
I bought it about 7-8 months ago. My understanding was the previous owner bought it new 18-24 months before that.
I see it has turret caps. Is it not waterproof without them? The exposed turrets look a little weird to me.

Sorry I really know nothing about valdada
I’m not an expert either but regardless of the turret caps being on or off, water won’t cause you any problems.

Before I sold the gun, my intention was to run this scope without caps when hunting.