SOLD/EXPIRED Used SS Kreiger Barrel - Chambered in 300WM


May 3, 2012
Irvine, CA
Bought this barrel 2 weeks ago to build a 300WM rifle.
Ended up buying a 6.5x284 barreled I don't need this. It's still in the box it arrived in

Prior seller listing:
This is a finished 30" Krieger SS barrel (1-10" Twist) with a Palma contour down to .840" at muzzle. The cylinder was extended to 4" (the standard is about 2.5") then the taper starts. It was on a Rem700 trued action with oversized threads.
It has only had about 800 rounds through it and still it shooting 1/2 MOA at 1000yards and below that at 100yards.
It has guncote black under the paint but can be stripped easily.

I paid $225, would like to get that back out of it.......

Possible trades: detachable mag. bottom metal for a Rem LA, different barrel chambered for a 0.470 bolt face cartridge, quality Rem LA stock
(Could throw cash in to make deal work.....)
I haven't shot the barrel.....
That is what the listing said that I bought it on.
I just cut and pasted.

If anyone has questions, I can put you in touch with the guy I bought it from...

I've never shot 1000 yards.....