Update on 2003 Wyo Antelope Hunt

Just an update that I had to share with you guys, to me it is a huge acomplishment that I am very proud of. Back in Sept. 2003 I went on an Antelope hunt and bagged a real nice buck, here is the thread: http://www.longrangehunting.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=1&t=000963

Anyway I had many people tell me they "Thought" it might make the B&C award program which needs a score between 80-82, others told me it would not make it in at all because horn length was not long enough.
I have heard of people not officially scoring their large animals for fear they would not make it in the books, therefore they cannot tell the story any longer of the trophy B&C animal they have on the wall, I even had a friend tell me that if I thought it was B&C then just leave it at that.

My personality as it is I could not go on with such a charade and decided to have him officially scored this last week. When arriving at the scorer's house there was not a sense of ooh's and ahh's from them I had hoped but still I decided prior to going not to get my hopes up. This ended up taking over an hour to complete but the results were worth it, he ended up scoring a total of 85 1/8 and with a few deductions he scored an even 84! This score put him in the Boone and Crockett "All time record books"! Woohooo! Anyway I just wanted to give the final results with you guys and share with you my enthusiasm. Thanks for listening.
Thanks for the post and congrats. A B&C animal is a noteworthy accomplishment as far as I'm concerned and you have every right to be pleased and proud.
SWEET!!!! One hell of an accomplishment!!

Hey Len.. and ya didn't call me ??? sheesh....

Myself, Chris Matthews, Chris Jameson and my buddy are gonna try our hand at a few hotspots CJ and I have here!! I fully expect one of us to make the book as well!!! Came real close last year with my buddies heart buck! We lost a for sure B&C buck due to lowlight conditions just outside of Capser.. found him the next day and he was on a HUGE private ranch .. he made sure to turn and smile at us a s he dissapeared with about 10 doe's !!!

Now you tell me!!

Actually, I booked my hunt last year already. But...if tags are available I'd like to try Wyoming, too. When are you guys hunting this year?

If we all draw tags we are thinking, around the first week of Oct. during the rut...

I hunted the rut last year and was amazed at the stupidity of this usually very aware animal... I also saw some amazing feats of athleticism from these animals. Full out sprints to 70 mph only to turn on a dime 180* .....

WE also had a decoy... I thought at times we would be run over... it was a blast!

No worries Len.. we have plenty of time to hook up and get some hunts in...
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