SOLD/EXPIRED Unertl 20x54 spotting scope


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Nov 13, 2014
Unertl 20x54 spotting scope for sale. It is a model t-773 in great shape. Two miscolored spots on the sun shade about the size of a q-tip head and two other very minute miscolorings. I want to be completely honest and get someone a piece of glass they are very pleased with. Has mount to put it on a tripod included as well as the factory metal cap for the front. Glass looks great. This is my good shooting buddies, he is a full time fire fighter and stays very busy. He lets me shoot his Barrett 50 bmg regularly so I figured I would return the favor and list this for him. Selling to help fund a 50 reloading press. A-maxes will shoot much better than military fmjs. I would be happy to send pictures of every angle and answer all questions, if I can't it no issue to contact him.

$425 shipped and ensured CONUS to your door. I do money orders. Thanks for looking! xxboomstikk

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