Twist Rate and Low Temps.


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Mar 22, 2003
Recent .308 shooting results (168gr. Fed GM & 144 gr. quality Mil.) have been less than consistent. The variables from better days include: slicker shooting surfaces (HSRC on tarps on hardpack/icy snow), wandering buttstock-to-shoulder-pocket interface (many layers of clothing), and temps 40-80 degrees lower than this past fall and summer (its been 0-20 degrees the past 2 months).
Leaving out the first two variables, is anyone else getting huge groups when shooting at these low temps?
Do I need a different stick with a different twist rate for winter shooting?

Naw, just a little winter "load development." Or possibly trying a differant powder. One of Hodgdon's extreme powders? Or are you already using one? I found the same thing with my 223. Need a few more clicks in the cold weather.
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