TSS in 28 gauge

Edit to add number of hulls in the bag

Forgot, 1/2" 410 fiber cushion filler in the bottom of the wad, you can use 8mm or 16mm Fiocchi primed hulls, we use the 16mm since they are about .80 cents more per hundred.
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Heads up about the Lil Gun load, when it's extremely cold, it's temp sensitive. We've had a few loads not cycle in certain shotguns. I may use mine for Dove and Quail and use the 2028 loads for ducks and geese. No issues with the 5/8oz Alliant 2028 loads

So we are going to switch to these 2028 loads


They work great, but they are a pain to load. I use Fiocchi hulls and a 7/8 oz of 8.5 shot for pheasant. Similar load with 7.5 shot for the sandhill cranes. I also did some 1/2 oz loads of 11s for doves. Loading for the doves was not worth the effort, However, I did not have to wring the neck of a single dove. You can not shoot them up close.